Melatonin Peptide – Gaining Popularity Amongst People

Melatonin peptide is now gaining a lot of popularity among people who are looking to get their skin pigmented. The idea of getting tanned skin has been present all over the world, mostly where people tend to have whitish skin tone. Before Melatonin, people usually used to opt for either sun tanning which is a natural process or by using chemical mists and body spray.

Why not go for other Melatonin methods?

Now, we all know that chemicals are really harmful to skin, expensive as well as stay for a very less time. Basically, one will pay for ruining the dermal layer by getting it tanned chemically. So these are not even an option one should consider. But, while sun tan is a natural process, why are people not using it any further?

Melatonin Peptide

The reason behind it is, now there is a better, safer, more permanent and budget friendly method known as melatonin. But if we are comparing the two processes, there is one point that should be mentioned at the beginning and that is the cost.

A starter kit with everything that one requires using for tanning injection will cost £24 roughly. If you are taking sun bath as a tanning process, the initial cost is just beached clothes, but in the long run, you might have to spend a lot on doctor appointments.

Melatonin or Sun tanning: Know the result

One thing that is common between two is that they are perfectly natural processes. But before a proper comparison is made, one needs to know how they work:

Sun: The heated rays of the sun will increase the melanin production on epidermis in a forceful manner.

Process of tanning Melatonin
Sun tanning

Effects on body

Encourages weight loss and helps to maintain proper body weight. It can cause burning sensation over-heating your body causing ‘heat fever.’


Skin problem




Patchiness, uneven pigmentation, redness, sunburn. In worst cases, if the skin is exposed to UV rays for a very long time, there is a high chance of getting skin cancer.
How to control the amount of tanning Once you have attained the desired pigmentation, just inject the vial once per week. It will maintain your dermal pigmentation perfectly. There is no way to control sun’s heat rays.
Frequency of usage For the first 7 to 10 days, one needs to use tanning injection every alternate day till the tanning is done perfectly. Ones need to visit the beach every two days and spend quite a long time under the sun.
Appearance of skin Naturally glowing sun-kissed coloured skin. Dry, uneven and will have a reddish brown skin tone.
Extra expense None The amount of damage that UV rays can do to the skin will cost a good number of sessions with dermatologists.


These are the reasons why Melatonin is gaining popularity. So if you were opting for other unhealthy ways of getting tanned, you should think twice now. But with tanning injections, get a radiant skin without a hitch. You can find this miraculous product in online stores.

You can rely on the authenticity of online products, even using hemp oil in the uk, as experts verify them before putting up on sale. It’s time you choose the best for your body!

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